March 1, 2010

Is “.. the business model for the delivery of health care” broken?

Just like everyone else in the United States, we are watching the debate over healthcare reform daily.  And, probably like most Americans, we are discouraged by the progress (really, the lack thereof) being made.  There are, of course, models out there that could be used, including the provision of on-site health care by employers.  These programs, if combined with other steps and government initiatives, could  dramatically impact healthcare costs and the health of Americans.  But, you wouldn’t know that by reading the Congressional Record

An interesting article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel JS Online written by John Torinus.  He says Wisconsin is a role model for healthcare reform, and we think he has makes good points in the article.  He highlights the state government’s efforts at incrementally increasing the number of people who are covered by insurance.  Those efforts at enrollment worked, but efforts failed to come up with a politically acceptable means of funding it long term so that program is now nearly broke. 

He points to other Wisconsin initiatives that may help lead the way to true reform, cost control and improved health of its citizens, such as:   using only those facilities and providers who have demonstrated track records as “best in class”; taking some lessons from employers who have a long history in successfully operating on-site clinics, like QuadMed (a pioneer in the industry), and the use of consumer-driven plans.  

Who knows what Congress will do (or not do), but one thing is certain, health care reform is absolutely needed and employers started down that path years ago when they opened the first on-site clinic.

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