February 2, 2011

National Business Group on Health Releases Survey

The NBGH released a survey yesterday which shows that 75% of workers use their employer as a resource for medical and health information (based on 2010 data, up from 54% in 2007).   To quote Helen Darling, President of the NBGH, the survey shows “. . that workers want their employers to play a role in helping them access medical information about their health and how to make good treatment decisions. . .”  This should be very encouraging to those of you who have on-site services, since it indicates a high level of trust in the employer by the employees on a very important area – their health and the health of their family members.  It also demonstrates that providing high quality information for employees is of value – so keep up the good work!

Interestingly, the survey also showed that almost 40% of employees support incentives for the use of proven treatments and that many had heard of comparative effectiveness research (at least 53%).    This may mean that using CER in guiding your physicians and employees in treatment options may not be completely foreign to the employees.  Good news.

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