March 14, 2011

Kansas City’s Healthiest Employers

The Kansas City Business Journal initiated a program just this year to evaluate and honor employers in the area who have a strong focus on wellness and the health of their employees.   They use an outside firm, Healthiest Employers, to review submitted applications by the employers and honor the top-performing ones in this annual awards program.   The firms are grouped, for evaluation purposes, on the basis of number of employees.  In this inaugural program, Cerner Corporation was given first place in the 3,500+ employees category.   Cerner is an on-site vendor listed on this Web site.  It has offered a fully staffed and extremely modern facility for its own employees for some time now.  This award and other indicators clearly seem to show that this is a vendor who “puts its money where its mouth is.”

In the same article, Deffenbaugh Industries was honored for its employee health programs (which include most recently an on-site clinic managed by Cerner – see our article about this previously on this Web site).    Deffenbaugh has also implemented a consumer-driven health plan, a tool in the arsenal available to employers which we see getting tremendous use and success.

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