September 4, 2012

Bellin Health Cited by the NY Times

Bellin Health – Wisconsin

It does not matter whether you know about Bellin, or not.  They are making their presence felt in a big way in their own market area in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they are matching efforts and maintaining a presence in a state with a lot of other prominent health care providers like QuadMed, Aurora and the Marshfield Clinic.

This is the state where QuadMed leads the industry in demonstrating the effectiveness of on-site programming for employers and where a medical group (Marshfield) was big enough to make Blue Cross Blue Shield sue for anti-trust relief.  Aurora is the dominant general health care provider, by any measure.  It does not seem like there is any room for innovation but Bellin seems to have addressed the Green Bay market in a way that is bullet-proof.  They used the twin strategies of access and quality.  (They did not claim these areas of performance — they demonstrated them.)
This did not go unnoticed by the NY Times which is doing a series on innovations in health care and how businesses are responding.  They cite the Bellin model as “investing heavily in primary care” and “getting medical attention promptly.”  This has resulted in savings for a variety of midsized firms where Bellin provides on-site services.  They also reference the application of retail sites for access which is, in our opinion, the next frontier for linkage to on-site programming.

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