October 21, 2014

Feel as Though You are Preaching to the Choir?

scalesWell, you’re not alone.  According to a recent article posted on CNNMoney referencing the National Business Group On Health, “increasing employees’ physical activity and managing their weight are large employers’ top health priorities for 2015.”  Examples cited were programs at JetBlue Airways and Lafarge U.S.  JetBlue offered its incentives to include coaching and a biometric testing program with monetary rewards for completion and improvement.  Lafarge has taken the opposite approach, by limiting choices in healthplan options to employees who don’t participate in the health screening and coaching offerings.  The carrot or the stick – who knows which works best, the results are still out.  But, using something to get employees to focus on losing weight isn’t optional anymore.  Most employers feel it is a required component of their wellness and health benefits program.

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