October 7, 2015

CareATC Celebrates 15 Years

15_CareATCSeveral things are new about CareATC but the one that is highlighted in this post is their birthday party and open house that is planned for October 22nd at 3 p.m. at their new Corporate Support Center.

This is their birthday celebration and they will also be celebrating a network designation by AAAHC.  Fifteen years of services does not really seem like a long time but in this industry, it counts for something!  CareATC has expanded and changed over the decade and a half and in the early years it was a vendor that, frankly, we did not recognize as a serious contender.  That was then — now, they are setting the standard in many areas of on-site clinic development and we count longevity in this industry in dog-years.  This makes them one of the elders.  For more information on their open house, you can contact their corporate offices.  The contact information is under our vendor listing in the tab above.  Congratulations are due for both the AAAHC designation and for their ability to not only survive but to transform themselves from a regional franchise model into a nationally recognized provider.

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