October 18, 2015

Optum/NBGH Study

nbgh logoA white paper produced by the National Business Group on Health in conjunction with Optum shows that there is a correlation between reducing health risks among employees and improvement in absenteeism and presenteeism.

The white paper is a summary of a survey conducted in which the researchers were attempting to answer two nagging questions:  Is there really a relationship between wellness offerings and programs/participation and a measurable economic benefit to the employer through increased productivity (i.e. reduced absenteeism)?

The research showed, among other things, that employees who participated in at least one wellness program had 1.6 days/year of absence as compared to 1.8 days/year for those who did not participate.  This translated into a productivity savings of about $353/participant/year.  Throw in the savings related to improved presenteeism, multiply the total by a hundred employees, and the savings quickly add up.  See the full white paper at our link, here.

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