February 12, 2016

Let the consolidation . . . continue

linksIt was announced this week that Premise Health (a recent consolidation of Take Care and CHS which were individually significant players in the on-site provider marketplace prior to their merger) had acquired IMWell Health.  IMWell has also been around for at least 10 years and has its headquarters in Arkansas.  They have focused on mid-sized corporations and multi-employer sites, managing slightly fewer than 20 of them prior to the acquisition.  The announcement indicated that this “. . .is a natural next step in our effort to expand our capabilities for serving the mid-sized employer and public employer markets.”

Stu Clark, CEO of Premise, also indicated that acquisitions of existing players in the market will “. . . continue to be a key component of Premise Health’s growth model.”  So – look out providers, you may see this as a threat, or potential buy-out opportunity.

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