January 3, 2017

Want an Eye Exam for Your Employees?

thilakarathna-spectaclesWell, now you may be able to get them through a new mobile service, 2020 On-site.  This company, started about two years ago, now offers mobile eye exams using optometrists and they’ll bring the retro-fitted van right to your parking lot.  The employer pays a fee for the service, and employees likewise make their standard copayment as well; but the value comes in offering the service right at your doorstep.  Employees can get an exam without taking a half or full day off work, so productivity is improved.  Hopefully, employees also see this as a real benefit to them that they might not otherwise get.

And, you employers who already have an on-site medical clinic  (but don’t currently offer eye exams) could expand your services with something like this.

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