April 24, 2017

Wellness Isn’t Just about Exercise Anymore

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Perhaps we are overstating the impact of wellness programs in benefits packages these days, but the business now accounts for more than $7.8 billion annually as a market so it seems pretty huge.  We know only a portion of this is attributable to services provided through on-site clinics, but there are some data related to wellness services which seem pretty important overall.

First, 81% of U.S. companies who employ more than 200 people offer wellness programs (2015 data) with 46.8 million employees enrolled.  More important, in our never-ending search for ROI, that number is $3.80 for every dollar spent on wellness that is focused on disease management, with a 50 cent payback per dollar spent on lifestyle management efforts.  Still a really good return – better than what any company would get on its pension plan investments, right?  (By the way, overall this produced a $1.50 ROI because only 13% of employees participated in disease management programs – missed opportunity?).

And, just as we were preparing this post, we were notified that NAWHC (The National Association of Worksite Health Clinics) is offering a webinar called “Update on the Laws Governing Wellness Programs.”  You can register here.


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