February 6, 2016

Health Transformation Alliance

1100 13th Street, NW  Suite 860

Washington, DC  20005



This alliance was just announced (February, 2016).  It is a major consortium of 20 industry giants banding together to use their collective clout to reduce costs in healthcare and improve quality.  They state they will be using 2016 to “organize” and initiate their first big project (in 2017) which will focus on reducing prescription drug costs.  Other projects to follow in 2018 and later.  However, I think we can all appreciate their philosophy and support the concept that together they can do more than they have been able to do individually to impact the healthcare system and expenses.  Collectively they cover more than 4 million lives and spend more than $14 billion annually.

Their website indicates their core goals are to work on:

Greater Marketplace Efficiency

Learning from Data

Educating Employees

Breaking Bad Habits

This is a huge initiative which bears our close attention over the next couple of years.



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