July 6, 2010

The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative

The Homer Building

601 Thirteenth Street, NW, Ste 400 North

Washington, DC   20005

p.   (202) 724-3331

f.    (202) 393-6148


Paul Grundy, M.D. MPH, FACOEM, FACPM President

The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative was formed to advance the concept of the patient centered medical home.  The Center was created in early 2007 when the AAFP, the AAP, the ACP and the AOA joined forces on this initiative to focus on establishing an ongoing relationship between the patient and his/her primary care physician; to create the physician-directed practice of medicine; a “whole-person orientation”, etc.

Within the Center itself there are other related centers:  The Center for Consumer Engagement; the Center for Employer Engagement; the Center for eHealth Information Adoption and Exchange, and so on.

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