November 8, 2010

QuadGraphics and QuadMed

Quad Waiting Room at their main Milwaukee PlantQuadGraphics is arguably the highest quality printer in the nation (the world?).  They are also a long time provider of health care on-site and at-work to their employees.  They approach health care the same way that they approach a printing assignment — with the dual purposes of quality and value being at the core of everything they do.  In June of 2010, they went public with the addition of a Canadian Company – Worldcolor.  This move from a privately held firm to a public corporation also increased their size substantially.

Quad has a subsidiary — QuadMed — which focuses on the health care provision and follow-up.  They have dental, optical, full primary care and they serve not only employees but their families, as well.  Their HEDIS and NCQA scores are at a level that most HMO’s would admire and they maintain a full complement of ancillaries like rehab, lab, pharmacy and safety supplies.  QuadMed now provides services to Miller Brewing, Briggs & Stratton and Northwestern (the insurance company).  All are Milwaukee based and are Quad “neighbors” in that respect.  However, QuadMed, like its parent QuadGraphics, is poised to move into more employer services it seems.  In October, they added a Vice-President for Business Development (Blake Wilkerson) and his assignment will be to take them into a national level of service in the on-site industry.

Quad Welllness

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