March 15, 2011

Pawlecki Assumes Goodyear Post as CHO

Brent Pawleck, former medical director at Pitney Bowes has assumed the role of Chief Health Officer at Goodyear.  Dr. Pawlecki is one of the few medical directors who can lay claim to the management of a health care program that includes on-site services from major vendors, community providers and self-managed projects.  In his years at Pitney Bowes, he advanced the concept of doing what needs to be done with whatever was available and applicable, with outstanding results and consistent KPI, even though he was dealing with differing models.  Goodyear has almost 70,000 employees and is the world’s largest tire company.  It has operations all over the globe and it makes tires for almost anything that has wheels.  It is headquartered in Akron but the company has 57 plants in 23 countries and the obvious skills that Dr. Pawlecki demonstrated in his many challenges at P-B will continue to be tested with international adventures as well as transforming health care at a major U.S. corporation at a time of unprecedented change in the industry.

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