June 20, 2012

Update on Montana Clinics

We mentioned in a post earlier that the State of Montana was seeking proposals to operate on-site clinics for all of the State’s employees.  Subsequently, in our most recent newsletter, we likewise reported that the bid had been awarded to CareHere, with some grumbling from the local vendors.  This has turned into a formal protest being filed with the State (Wednesday, June 13) by MiCare of Montana.    And, while officials indicate that they are going forward with final contract talks, those agreements have not been formally signed.    The first clinic would offer primary care to 11,000 employees (and family members) in the Helena area.

A few short years ago, on-sites were little known; now the competition by vendors to operate them is becoming intense.  We’ll try to keep you posted on this as it continues to unfold.

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