April 24, 2017

Will Your On-Site Clinic be Only Telemedicine?

remoteFor those employers out there considering an on-site clinic, the option of providing medical services on-site to employees and dependents via just telemedicine exists – but the question is, is it the right option for you?

Telemedicine has certainly played a role in on-site clinics for quite some time now; but not typically as the “only” medical option.  No physicians on-site.  One company is breaking ground here (NuPhysicia), in what they are labeling “mini-clinics” staffed by physicians using telemedicine and locally (on-site) with medics in their “Medicine at Work” offering.  This appears to offer primarily preventative and acute care services, but their web site states that the physicians “prescribe specific medications for conditions, and provide individualized treatment follow-up with the same physician.”

For smaller employers who wish to do something on-site, but want reduced costs (and perhaps reduced benefit), this may be a solution.  But, who knows how this will grow and morph into the future?  Something to watch, for sure.

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